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The right workwear and tools will help floorlayers to do their jobs successfully:

CL-7 manufactures the UK designed Redbacks cushioning kneepads for those who spend any amount of time kneeling in their work. It is described as a non-foam based, work-trouser pocketed, safety kneepad which maintains its maximum cushioning effect throughout consecutive or prolonged use, can reportedly help avoid osteoarthritis or even knee replacement.
Cliff Lockyer, ceo of CL-7, of Northamptonshire, says: ‘With over 90,000 annually registered knee replacement operations by the NHS and 60% of injuries resulting from soft tissue wear and tear, it is vital to have the correct knee protection in the workplace to avoid long-term pain and discomfort and prevent expensive down time loss of earnings’.
Redbacks kneepads, which won the 2012 SATRA Best Innovation in Occupational PPE Award, feature a soft and flexible TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) leaf-spring set within a honeycomb matrix.
This Redbacks cushioning technology is designed to distribute body weight evenly, elevating the knees to relieve back pain and reduce pressure on knee, leg, ankle and foot joints, whilst minimising the risk of possible injury from sharp or penetrating objects.
Hitachi Power Tools says its 18V 5.0Ah Lithium-ion (Li-ion) cordless range is tougher, faster and more advanced than any of its predecessors.
The 5.0Ah range has the latest brushless motor and advanced electronic control technology together with high performance Li-ion 5.0Ah batteries. This means up to 200% more run time per charge than 3.0Ah batteries while keeping the same size and weight for the tools.
The battery has been designed to slide onto the tools, while the cordless range has slim grip handles designed to provide even more control and ergonomic comfort for the user. The slide design also means the tools are compatible with the entire Hitachi range of 18V slide Li-ion batteries.
Multi-cell Monitoring means every battery cell gets the maximum charge and with safety and long battery life in in mind, Multiplex Protection prevents deep discharge, overloading and overheating when recharging.
The 18V 5.0Ah cordless range includes combi, driver and SDS-Plus hammer drills, circular, jigsaw and reciprocating saws, angle grinders, impact drivers and wrenches, automatic screwdrivers and fans. There is also a worklight and radio for use onsite.
Subject to terms and conditions, the range is backed by a three-year warranty, when the tools are registered, for added peace of mind.
Hultafors says its new Scandinavian Butt Chisels are all-round multi-purpose tools for chopping, prying and scraping, adjusting, fitting and wrecking.
The heavy duty butt chisels are said to be superbly crafted tools with high quality steel blades that have EPD rust protection (Electrophoretic Deposition).
Described as sharp, tough and totally reliable, these chisels combine maximum sharpness with hard-wearing durability top-quality ‘designed to last a lifetime’. They’re sharpened with high-quality Japanese steel blades and heavy-duty handles designed for hard hammer blows. EDC chisel are available in eight different blade widths, while the gougers come in two styles to suit a variety of jobs.
Janser has launched new trowels: The 56cm Big Area Trowel features stainless steel levelling pins for the application of most levelling compounds. It enables applicators to work from a standing position and save their backs! It also accepts R1 or R2, notch profile inserts, available from Janser in packets of 10.
In addition, the Japanese Trowel Sets are a set of small trowels, including 5cm/8cm/10cm. The sets are available in A2 notch for vinyls, or B11 notch for wooden flooring.
Primatech flooring tools and fasteners are subject to constant field testing and research.

Decades of innovation by the company is said to have produced a wide variety of advanced fastening tools and cutting edge fasteners for flooring.
It refers to the ‘outstanding’ results obtained in the field as the Primatech Experience.
The flagship category, called the Expert Family, embodies most refinements premiered by Primatech over the years, including the Primpact striking module, the PrimSurfer roller base, the super-capacity LoadXtend nail channel and many more.
At the forefront, the versatile pneumatic 250 series is designed for ‘delivering the most satisfying job each time’.
Snickers has launched new work gloves for tradesmen who know how difficult it is to work with hands that are chapped and bruised, cut and scratched.
Snickers’ new work gloves have reportedly been researched and tested on sites around Europe. The company notes that while ordinary poor-fitting gloves can be more of a hindrance than a help, its new work gloves range is designed to suit different jobs onsite, even down to the finest details in protection, grip and dexterity.
There are Precision Gloves, said to be light and flexible prioritising dexterity and fit, suitable for precision work, with flexible materials on the dorsal side of the hand, plus knuckle protection, cushioning and reinforcement.
The seven styles of Power Gloves are said to be comfortable and hard-wearing in a range of styles to suit different jobs like shifting and carrying, cutting and tearing, moving and manipulating. The curved designs are said to ensure strong, secure grips while sophisticated patterns and ribs are combined with durable materials to create comfort and protection.
Snickers work gloves can even be bought individually! And you can also mix and match them to suit the way you work, even to suit left or right-handed use.
Spotnails Maestri has introduced the Met 567 professional electronic stapler for use with the established Spotnails 55 166177 DC flooring staples used in the mallet drive AF38O7 Spotnailer and pneumatic striker TS3832 Met 567 electronic stapler for underlayment work.
The Met 567 designed for fast fixing of gripper, hardboard and plywood, comes with clear nose and carry case. It is described as the effortless alternative to the strike tacker or hammer for fixing hardboard and 4 or 6mm ply.
It reportedly gives a secure and permanent fixing; vibration free fixing of gripper to treads and stair risers, around bathroom fittings and architraves.
It can also be used for fixing deep-pile carpets and natural floorcoverings.The company’s 1 8 gauge divergent-chisel points are also said to be recommended by major manufacturers of hardboard underlayment.
Wolff, part of Uzin, supplies a range of high quality subfloor preparation machines and strippers for substrate preparation, flooring removal and application.
Wolff’s award winning strippers are said to have the ultimate level of quality and innovation. Whether oscillating principle or impact technology, Wolff can provide the right machine for different needs.
Wolff Turbo Stripper is described as an extremely powerful machine yet easy to handle and transport. It has an impact system with 5,000 beats per minute combined with an automatic drive system. The Duro Stripper is designed for small to medium sized areas and is available to buy as a handheld or floor unit.
Wolff offers several folders and a DVD with detailed technical know-how for flooring professionals.

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