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Typical Issues When Engineered Wood Is Combined With UFH

In this article London flooring contractors will pay attention at the most frequent complaint, connected with London flooring solutions – it comes to engineered wood flooring with UFH. London flooring experts claim, that there is surprisingly little knowledge referring to successful installation of the heating and the wood together.

  • There are many manufactures who believe, that engineered wood as London flooring solution is invincible. So, they sell the product in combination with UFH. London flooring contractors remind, that representatives tell customers not to worry about anything, even about humidity or installation of UFH. Important information concerning the maximum temperature is not even mentioned.
  • London flooring specialists underline, that often the representatives recommend to retailers London flooring solutions, which are not so invincible as they claim. London flooring contractors meet different representatives every day – some are very well informed, others are not.
  • London flooring experts often deal with various complaints, connected with UFH. Usually the representatives don’t give detailed information to customers. Unfortunately, this happens to hundreds of consumers and this fact is very worrying.
  • London flooring specialists explain, that most often the problems with the wood flooring are connected with the misuse of UFH.
  • When it comes to London contract flooring and London commercial flooring, manufacturer must be prepared with written documentation which has to be signed by the consumer. If the situation get’s harder and is brought to court, the manufacturer is believed to be the London flooring expert. The court will judge, that professional advice is included in the deal.
  • Our London flooring company will analyse also another typical issue, called dry cupping. It is more frequent phenomenon for Winter months. The upper layer of the flooring dries out much faster than the core material. London flooring contractors notice, that the thinner the wear layer, the faster it is prone to dry out. As a result this wear layer tries to shrink across the face and to pull away from the core material. London flooring experts know that in many cases this finishes with a cross grain core.
  • London flooring companies are aware that floating wood floors will experience the same problem. The worst case is when as a result of big tension the corners are curling and provoking the wear layer to begin delaminating.
  • London flooring contractors explain also that splits may occur as a result of low humidity. Splits are a kind of openings that go all the way through the plank from the top to the bottom.
  • London flooring specialists say that low humidity during the heating season can also cause cupping of the engineered wood flooring.

Every London flooring company should educate customers. This is crucial, especially when it comes to UFH combined with engineered wood flooring. Clients should be well informed about the possible issues. If final users spot the early signs for problems they can use a humidifier or adjust the heating as required. London flooring contractors remind, that British Wood Flooring Association has organised one-day courses for sales personnel and retailers. Distributors and manufacturers are also welcome.

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