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Ultra Floor Enhances Its Range

ULTRA FLOOR has developed its range further with Level IT Two now 30% faster.
Level IT Bond replaces Level IT Three Super Bond. Level IT Super30 has new packaging. Level IT Flex is a rapid-drying, two-component system. Level IT Smooth (formerly Level IT SmoothFlow) is particularly suited to installations of vinyl, rubber and linoleum. Level IT Base replaces Level IT One HDB, and contains recycled material. Level IT Top abrasive resistant smoothing underlayment replaces Level IT HD TOP and now contains recycled material. Prime IT AR and N solutions for porous and non-porous substrates have a new look. Patch IT and Feather IT repair and finishing compounds are said to have faster setting and drying times. DPM IT 1 & 2 COAT has been replaced with DPM IT Rapid Curing Primer Membrane.
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