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Ultra Floors Offers New Products

ULTRA FLOOR has developed new products with better performance.
Level IT TWO is said to be 30% faster and able to be overlaid in 12 hours. Level IT BOND smoothing underlayment is claimed to eliminate the need for priming.
Level IT SUPER30 is said to allow the user to level and lay in a day and to set to walk on in 30 minutes. Level IT FLEX is suitable for use on substrates where lateral movement and vibration is likely.
Level IT BASE underlayment has been developed to build depths of up to 50mm. Level IT TOP abrasive resistant smoothing underlayment is designed to be ready to receive forklift traffic in 36 hours.
Prime IT AR and N solutions for porous and non-porous substrates have a new look. Patch IT and Feather IT repair and finishing compounds are claimed to have faster setting and drying times.
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