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Underlay: Everything You Need To Know

Underlay has a surprising number of performance benefits. But to select the right underlay and install it correctly, you need to follow the advice of professionals. Look no further because what follows on this page and next is from experts at CFA, FITA and NICF, including the CFA Guide to Contract Flooring:
Underlay is one of the most important aspects of a successful installation. There are many types available in today’s market place, so it is of paramount importance to select the correct one.
There are many benefits to using a good quality underlay. A good underlay will improve underfoot comfort, reduce room noise and can improve the thermal insulation of the floor. It has been claimed by some manufacturers that energy costs can be reduced by as much as 15%.
A good underlay will increase appearance retention and reduce flattening, while also stopping premature wear of the carpet. It can also help reduce the effects of subfloor imperfections. Some underlays can also be applied with special treatments that inhibit bacteria growth.
Underlay will give a cushioning effect, therefore helping reduce the pressure on the carpet. This decrease in pressure will help make the carpet feel better, thicker and softer for longer. The underlay combined with the carpet will also act as a sound barrier making the room quieter and warmer by holding the heat in and the cold out.
Underlay will also help to keep your carpets cleaner. The dirt that finds its way into your carpet works its way down to the fibres, this acts like sandpaper on the floor, therefore it wears much quicker. The higher the density of the underlay the more you will extend the life of the carpet.
Good carpet underlay will help reduce unsightly wear areas, taking account of foot traffic which can cause the carpet to flatten or stretch.
Heavy traffic areas, notably in contract locations, are more susceptible to wear and, in larger areas (sizes over 40sq m), the recommendation is ‘double stick’ to avoid stretching and rippling.
A firmer, denser carpet underlay will help decrease the amount of wear by supporting the carpet and it will look and feel better for longer. It has been proven that underlay will increase the useful life of a carpet by as much as 50%.

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