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Commercial Flooring News

Unique Hardwood Floor Choices

Instead of the standard fluff one can find anywhere on the web, our article today deals with other hardwood flooring possibilities many are not aware of. Considering their design makeup expect prices to be much higher than the mundane stuff the big box stores sell. You know what I may be talking about. Bruce Lock and Fold, Traffic Master, and those other mass produced items.

Want Something Really Different?

hardwood floor puzzleHow about something called Puzzle Floor? It’s a bit too much for our tastes but could be an option for those artistic folks. These are actually 5/8″ solid hardwood that are glued with a trowel adhesive. It really isn’t a pile of pieces that you have to actually figure out what goes where like a standard jigsaw puzzle, but it is important to use the correct ones in certain areas specifically the starting areas. Proper layout is critical. The company offers thirteen different prefinished colors, all stained on Maple hardwood.

How About Those European Classics?

Europeans don’t care much for our tastes, that’s why parquet patterns remain a constant popular choice and don’t flowering parquet patternseem to change with fads or design styles as they do here in the USA. These are not your ordinary parquets you may see in Home Depot or Lowes for under two dollars a square foot.

Who Makes Them?

Inex Hardwood Floors based out of the Ukraine keeps busy with a multiple number of parquet designs in geometric and artisan shapes. These floors arrive unfinished requiring a direct glue down installation. Many of their designs have graced the palaces of Europe for years. Inex has offices in the USA where products can be purchased direct.

Another manufacturer we’re familiar with includes Czar Floors based in Newtown, Pennsylvania. The company has the finest photo gallery we’ve seen on the web and worth spending some time on. Be forewarned, drooling may occur.

What Kind Of Prices Can I Expect To Pay?

The Puzzle Floor may be in the budget range more than those manufactured by Inex and Czar. The model P 322 Epha shown on the left sells at $ 43.00 per square foot but they do offer other less detailed designs for under $ 20.00.

Custom Hardwood Floor Medallions & Borders

It’s been awhile since we last checked in with Oshkosh Floor Designs but they’re now publicizing the idea of custom designed products. Visit their online gallery for projects they have completed in the past. Of particular interest is the animals category.

strand woven bambooHas Bamboo Flooring Lost It’s Uniqueness?

Bamboo took the wood flooring market by storm over the last ten years. Is the popularity waning? Not according to our souces stained bamboo floor – turquoisebut nowadays you won’t be seeing the standard solid stuff in only two different colors. New products can be found in an extremely durable format called strand woven bamboo (shown on the left). Although many claim wonders with bamboo durability. we’ve always had our doubts. This new product innovation has the durability level elevated.

Stained Bamboo Floors

How about blue and red bamboo floors? Or turquoise? Dura-Design manufacturers over fifty colors of stained bamboo flooring and offers custom coloring with larger orders. Sorry, no simple do it yourself floating installations with these goodies. All stained products are of the solid variety that requires glueing direct or nailing and stapling.

Curved Wood Flooring?

I usually don’t open email solicitations but this one is definitely unique. The company is Chinese based and produces a number of colors of hardwood floors with a wavy curve-wood-floorpattern to it. Yea really. The boards are crooked! Looks like a real treat for some of those crazy decorators! However they are probably directed at the commercial flooring market than anything. Who knows, let’s see how it evolves.

All products are engineered and many appear to have a very high gloss finish. Or perhaps that’s what they call their “water live effect.” I can’t imagine this product can be nailed or stapled. I did find some limited installation information here. Hand scraped products are also offered.

For more information visit Curve Wood Flooring.

It’s important to note these products may have their own individual requirements for installation. For an introduction on what types of hardwood can become possibilites in your own home check out hardwood flooring types and styles. Different types of subfloors can dictate what products can be used more effectively. A few simple illustrations also offer how standard strip and plank hardwood floors can be installed.