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Use The Appropriate Cleanser And Method For Your Floorcovering!

In this article you will find valuable information, revealed by Gary Bateman, who is head of technical sales and support at Forbo Flooring Systems. The topic is related with the significance of regular floor cleaning. There is no doubt, that the floors represent the biggest space in one property. In order to provide safe and healthy environment and to be good-looking, floorcoverings must be sanitised on regular basis. Learn more facts:

  • London flooring contractors have to inform their customers for the great importance of following the maintenance rules of the London flooring manufacturers. It’s essential to apply the recommended cleaning techniques and to comply with the appropriate sanitising regime.
  • Firstly, London flooring experts remind us to protect the surface by installing practical entrance flooring solution. Keeping in mind the foot traffic and the fact, that dirtiness and moisture from the outside environment are transported and spread inside, it’s necessary to establish good cleaning schedule for both the entrance system and the other floor surfaces.
  • According to London flooring contractors, an ordinary sanitising schedule demands cleaning on routine, daily basis plus additionally projected periodical maintaining procedures.
  • London flooring experts point that frequency of the sanitising procedures is defined depending on the volume of foot traffic. London flooring specialists underline the importance of applying the correct detergents and disinfecting methods. Otherwise, the consequences for the flooring may be disastrous. Each type of floor covering requires specialised cleaning technique and product. It’s great, that London flooring manufacturers provide the necessary guidance on suitable cleaning agents, that have to be applied with their products.
  • Let’s take for example a decorative flooring. In case of usage of cleaning agent with high pH, London flooring contractors predict effect on the structural integrity and the look of the surface. In this case with decorative floorcoverings, London flooring experts recommend application of product with neutral pH. This is the safest option for both periodical and daily sanitising procedures. London flooring specialists point, that for wool-based products, specialists must apply only chemicals with WoolSafe approval.
  • London flooring companies provide cleaning agents with neutral PH which are great for all kinds of floorcoverings /textile, resilient, wool/.
  • London flooring contractors should never miss to advise their customers about the suitable sanitising techniques and detergents.

Keeping in touch with London flooring manufacturers will let contractors learn about new products and their technical features. Thus they will inform clients too.

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