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Valuable Tips When You Create Your Own Design On Flooring

London flooring experts can show some wonderful examples for designs and logos, embedded into safety London flooring. London flooring contractors may accomplish every single design. It’s just needed to make the letters bigger than 30mm. In case this condition is not fulfilled – there will be difficulties in welding. Actually, London flooring specialists say, that the most essential thing is to check if the main flooring surface and the inlay flooring have exactly the same thickness. Here are some precious and valuable tips how to make your own design. Those London flooring contractors who are not sure in their abilities may use our assistance:

  • London flooring contractors advise you to draw or print your design or picture on a big piece of paper. You have to know that it’s not good to draw directly on the flooring surface, because it’s too abrasive.
  • The next step is to transfer the design on the back side of the paper. This may be done with the help of outside window or light box.
  • London flooring contractors advise you to continue by making a scaled grid line box pattern over the design on the paper. This way you will receive many little blocks. Every single block will contain a little part of your pattern.
  • The next step is to make a scaled grid block pattern with a pencil on the back. This action is performed on the flooring.
  • London flooring experts now say to transfer the shape of every block on the back of the flooring surface. Continue accomplishing this phase till all the blocks are filled.
  • London flooring specialists advise you to start with the first piece, that you wish to change the colour of. Use a concave knife to cut it out and after that put it on the selected colour of flooring. London flooring contractors tell to cut around your shape and after that to place it into the place you made in advance on the original flooring surface.
  • Keep going with this technique until your entire design is ready. Holding the parts together is done with the help of masking tape.
  • London flooring experts point several welding options. You may weld your pattern together whilst on the tape. After that comes the applying of adhesive to fix it well to the substrate. The second option is to put the design in place on the flooring surface, to fold back the flooring and to remove the tape from underneath. Then comes the moment for applying glue. Right after the drying up of the glue you may weld all the joints.
  • London flooring contractors explain that various colour welding rods may be used. In case London flooring experts weld 2 nuances, they apply the darkest colour welding rod.

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