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Van Besouw

Stimulating atmosphere
As soon as you step into Van Besouw’s world your senses are set free. There is an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere with unique materials, special structures and trend-setting colours. Van Besouw is a success story of pioneering carpets made from unusual materials in beautiful colours. Van Besouw has a pulsating red heart for structures and materials, with an infallible sixth sense for colours. A successful combination.

Van Besouw and design
Van Besouw is not only a carpet producer but primarily a brand with artistic and natural designs at its forefront. According to Van Besouw, a home or workplace should inspire and surprise. You can’t fob a customer off with yet another commonplace furnishing solution. Van Besouw strives to innovatively apply different materials and combine materials and colours. The designs are straightforward, honest and basic and use exclusive interwoven materials.

At Van Besouw you will find exceptional carpets with unique structures and a specialised use of materials in beautiful contemporary colours. They are distinctive in original colours and strong in timeless primary tints. These are carpets that touch you and which enable dealers and architects to distinguish themselves in the market. At Van Besouw they inspire each other, themselves, their environment and the customers. They are good at what they do and work closely with partners and clients on new developments, each party using their own creative talents. They catch the architect’s eye and offer added value to the dealer.