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Video Now A Key Marketing Tool

Leo Aspden on keeping your company in the frame
AS you plan your business and marketing strategy for 2015 here is one key tool you simply can’t afford to ignore. According to those really nice people at You Tube here are a few reasons why video should feature in your marketing plans:
Around 2.4bn people now use the internet;
Two thirds of these search the internet before deciding to buy a product or service;
Search engines give priority to websites, which feature videos;
70% of the top search listings contain at least one video;
Time spent on a website increases from two to five times when it includes a video;
4bn videos are viewed on You Tube daily;
Video is within reach of everyone: As with cars, television, mobile phones, etc, video is within the reach of most people.
The role of video is no longer simply for fun and entertainment, but an integral part of every business. What was once an expensive creation and production process suited to big name brands with big marketing budgets is now within the realms of possibility for all with You Tube Creator Hub and Creator Academy, all pretty much for free.
Key considerations: But before we all become a Steven Spielberg in the making, there are a few things to consider:
1. Audience: Know your audience. A clear starting point of any strategy is an understanding of your target audiences. You must know whom it is you want to reach and their key drivers for purchase. For example, you might identify specifiers, installers and stockists and cater to their specific needs.
2. Content development: In today’s world content is king. With the myriad of messages out there you must create content, which is not only compelling but also relevant. The CREAM acronym is a useful tool:
Compelling first 10 seconds driven by key emotion; Relevant to the audience; Engaging to keep them watching till the end; Actionable: Clear call to action e.g., like, share, link; and Measurable with clear objectives and tracking analytics.
3. Continuity: Create a series, your own channel on You Tube. Learn the principles of communication. It’s less about shouting about your offering and more about conversation. Build a consistent content message across a series of videos. Link to Social Media to maximise exposure and following. Consider inviting guest speakers or key opinion leaders to engage your audience.
4. Optimise: Think about your target audience again. These can be broken down as:

Initial browsers simply browsing, but prospects for the future.
Interested searchers looking for products and services, prospects closer to the purchase decision.
Involved opted-ins already confirmed they are interested in what you have to say or offer. Closest of all to conversion.
The above is simply intended as a guide. Video is clearly here to stay and not just in B2C but especially also in B2B. However it is not enough to produce yet another video case study or ‘how to guide’ if it is not compelling and relevant to the audience you seek to engage. CFJ Leo Aspden is a chartered marketer, high growth business coach and former North West Ambassador for SMEs for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
T: 0161 969 4515 M: 07709 227497

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