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Resin flooring is now installed in a wide variety of different locations:

Altro products were selected for a new building for the UK headquarters for the company which distributes Yamaha Motor products. Work needed to be carried out in various locations including workshop, reception and training areas.
For the flooring and wall cladding in the workshop, AltroTect Plus and Altro Whiterock Satins were selected. AltroTect Plus is a high gloss epoxy floorcovering, providing a durable and hygienic floor with excellent chemical, abrasion and slip resistance. For a feature wall panel in the reception and training workshop, Altro Whiterock was used. Both Whiterock and Whiterock Satins provide a durable, grout-free, water-tight wall surface that meets strict hygiene standards.
Chrysi Charalampaki, architect at McFarlane Latter Architects, said: ‘We selected AltroTect Plus and Whiterock Satins to provide a durable, slip-resistant and hygienic working environment.’
Richard Cross, general manager, sales support at Yamaha Motor (UK), said: ‘Altro provided us with a cost-effective way of making an industrial area a pleasing place to work.’
Degafloor has launched Degaset, described as an innovative, ultra-fast curing concrete repair solution for use at thicknesses from 5mm upwards.
This new system was designed for longevity, cost effectiveness and ease of installation and its formulation is said to allow slump free placement, enabling falls and even the most complex of repairs to be completed with ease, says Degafloor.
Degaset can reportedly also be bulked out with a range of natural quartz sizes to fill holes of up to 300mm in depth in a single layer as well as be pigmented to create a lightly textured final finish, which reportedly not only enhances the visual aspects of the end result, but also maximises its performance characteristics.
To simplify installation, Degaset is supplied as a two component ‘bag and bottle’ system with a mix ratio of 1.2kg resin to 15kg filler bag that includes the activator which initiates the curing process.
To further maximise cost effectiveness and supply flexibility, Degaset resin is available in 1.2kg, 12kg and 190kg resin unit sizes.
Flowcrete supplied the industrial vehicle manufacturer Iveco with a range of solutions for the vast and complex flooring project at the company’s new Pretoria facility.
The 55,000sq m installation was the largest flooring project in South Africa at the time and required several specialist systems to be applied throughout the site.
An extensive specification process was carried out to ensure that the finished surface would withstand the intensive on-site activity. Despite cheaper alternatives being available Flowcrete was identified as the best supplier to meet Iveco’s requirements.
The epoxy resin floor coating Flowcoat SF41 was installed across the main production areas and walkways to create a hard-wearing and robust finish. This system was also used for the demarcation lines to create bright yellow floor signage.
The hard-wearing and chemically resistant nature of Flowcoat SF41 is reportedly suitable for large-scale manufacturing plants, as it is designed to maintain a seamless and impermeable surface despite the inevitable busy work load, spillages, hot water washes and heavy equipment.
The laboratory and paint mixing rooms had the polyurethane resin system Flowfresh HF ESD installed across the floors. Flowfresh WR ESD was applied as coving around the drains.
These systems are said to have electrostatic dissipative properties to avoid static charge build up. Flowcrete produced these floors in bespoke tones to match Iveco’s corporate colours.
Mapei provided a system of flooring products as part of a major redevelopment at the Imperial War Museums, London. The project was required to transform the museum to mark the centenary of the First World War.
The design, created by architects Foster + Partners, reportedly improves access, circulation, as well as creating new vistas to the park outside. Mapei’s high performance cementitious flooring system, Ultratop, was chosen to complement the exhibits and provide a low maintenance floor coupled with resistance to heavy pedestrian traffic. Mapei systems were installed by Polished Concrete Designs for ITC Concepts.
The transformed IWM London includes new world-class First World War galleries, a newly configured atrium and temporary events space over six floors displaying iconic large objects, new retail outlets and a café opening into the adjoining park.
Alongside permanent exhibitions and galleries, new centenary features include Truth and Memory, the largest exhibition of British First World War art for almost 100 years, and a major family exhibition, Horrible Histories.
Mapei’s flooring system, specified throughout a 5,000sq m floor area, included Topcem rapid-drying screed, designed to harden within 24 hours and dry in around four days, thereby reducing installation times.
Mapei Primer SN, a two-component epoxy pre-filled primer, was applied to both existing and new substrates. Technologically advanced self-smoothing cementitious floor, Mapei Ultratop, was then installed. The system provides an anthracite-toned abrasion-resistant surface, said to be suited to the heavy traffic environments.
There has reportedly been an increase in polished concrete flooring in the UK due to a shift in flooring fashion, with an increasing number of people wanting to create a natural or industrial look with floors in their homes.
Polished concrete is created using a special grinding and polishing process to remove the laitance layer from the concrete, to expose the natural aggregates found within the mix. This is then sealed to provide protection from staining and to help the cleaning process.
One of the disadvantages of this type of floor is that you can never be quite sure of the concrete quality or aggregate distribution within the concrete until work begins. An alternative would be a system that uses a thinner layer of wearing screed over the existing concrete.
There are now products available produced from cements, polymers and natural additives. These can reportedly be applied at depths from 10-40mm and which give a polished concrete look.
The aggregates used in these products are said to be a lot finer than those normally found in concrete; however, larger natural or coloured aggregates can be applied into these systems to give a more bespoke look to the floor.
Mapei’s Ultratop cementitious flooring system (available in seven colours) is designed for fast track internal, domestic and industrial applications. The product reportedly levels and smooths both new and existing concrete substrates. Abrasion-resistant Ultratop Industrial is available in grey and is designed for high traffic floor zones. This includes areas where rubber-wheeled vehicles are used such as warehouses and production facilities.
Once Ultratop is cured, the floor is ground and polished using a specially developed technique or it can be left as a natural finish. The system is then sealed; the choice of sealant dependent on the floor’s service criteria.
As these systems are produced from natural materials, each floor is described as having an exclusive appearance, providing a natural looking, long lasting surface, suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.
Remmers was involved in the refurbishment of a 2000sq m Oldbury showroom and 600sq m workshop for Lex Autolease Car Select, established in 2004 and formally known as Blackhorse Car Sales. Over 500 cars are displayed in its showroom.
The areas required a high gloss smooth finish flooring to upgrade the executive used car sales operation.
The existing old liquid polymer screed floor surfaces were badly cracked and damaged and needed refreshing and upgrading to better withstand the frequent and abrasive movements of the cars.
Capeland Industrial Flooring repaired, levelled and finished the existing flooring with a slightly flexible floor topping that complemented the high end motor car sales. Remmers Epoxyflex PH SL was chosen for its ability to provide additional protection from reflective cracking.
Three different shades of grey were employed throughout the buildings for demarcation and to highlight safe pedestrian routes. The works were completed within a stringent timescale and budget.
Resin Surfaces Limited (RSL) and flooring specialist Resintek Services have added a Michelin star restaurant to their list of clients after teaming up to supply flooring to Le Gavroche in London.
Le Gavroche, the first UK restaurant to be awarded one, two and three Michelin stars, is run by Michel Roux Jnr.
RSL and Resintek Services worked together to supply new flooring to the kitchen, custom designed by Eximius Projects as part of the restaurant’s first major refurbishment in 18 years.
The project has reportedly utilised some of the most innovative products on the market to create a sustainable kitchen built for the future.
In the interests of safety and hygiene, Resintek Services chose heavy duty, food-grade flooring system Resuthane TG69 for the 100sq m floor area and coving because of its seamless, textured, non-slip and non-taint properties suitable for food preparation areas.
Finding an easy-clean and durable material that could be installed quickly, in line with the client’s specification and programme were factors that Resintek Services had to consider.
Grant Machen, director of the company, said: ‘RSL provided an excellent solution for the project. Resuthane TG69 is a water-based polyurethane screed system that is easy to apply and extremely hardwearing. The product has been used in similar catering environments so we were confident it would meet the client’s brief and schedule.’
Martin Wroe, commercial director at RSL explains: ‘Our customers in the food and drink sector demand products that combine the highest standards of hygiene and safety with superior durability, and we worked closely with Resintek Services to provide the best specification for this high-profile kitchen.’

Sika provided a robust flooring solution for a hair and beauty wholesaler in Greater Manchester. Alan Howard Hair and Beauty Supplies, in Stockport, required easy-to-maintain and aesthetically pleasing flooring for its 750sq m trade supply warehouse.
Specialist installer, Warrington-based Quest Industrial Flooring, invited Sika to provide the solution which began with Sikafloor 161, described as an economic, two-part low viscosity epoxy resin primer for the concrete substrate, offering easy application and short wait times.
This product includes an integral Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) to prevent moisture from passing into the open interior warehouse space.
The contractor then applied Sika Comfortfloor, the seamless polyurethane resin flooring, sometimes described as ‘liquid applied vinyl’.
Specified in pure white with a smooth finish, Sika Comfortfloor reportedly presents a clean bright finish whilst remaining hard wearing, suitable for the high-usage warehouse space.
The product is also said to provide a softer resistance to other traditional flooring, as well as acoustic design to the highest of standards.
Mark Bushell, national sales manager flooring and refurbishment at Sika, said: ‘The client wanted to ‘wow’ customers, but also provide a durable and safe flooring. Sika Comfortfloor ticks all the boxes for robustness, reliability and low maintenance in a wide range of colours.’

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