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Ways To Protect Your Flooring After The Festive-Season

Christmas might be over for another year, but the condition of your flooring could still be under serious threat in the next few weeks. One simple reason why is that winter is not over yet, meaning that some people could continue running the risk of depositing rainwater, mud and melted snow on their floors.

Also, in preparation for the festive season, you might have shifted around a few pieces of furniture to free up some space for the Christmas tree. When returning those furniture pieces to their original places, you don’t want to damage the flooring in the process inadvertently. 

Here are a few simple but effective steps to help safeguard your flooring as you wind down after a hectic time of exchanging gifts and entertaining.


Put Down Some Door Mats 

As the winter weather lingers, your kids could take advantage by building a snowman — but also later traipse into your home with snow-coated boots. Even the thought of this snow melting into water that seeps onto the building’s entrance hall floor could stress you out.

Fortunately, you can limit the potential for water damage if you place a doormat next to each home’s external door.

Attach Felt Pads to Furniture

Before attempting to pick up or move a heavy piece of furniture, e.g. a sofa or table, put felt pads under its legs. That way, it will be easier for you to transport this furniture from room to room without scratching the flooring.

Remember that while dirt and grime can simply be wiped off a surface, a scratch would be impossible to remove. Still, it could too easily occur if, for example, you have Islington flooring — as, in this highly residential district, you may have many neighbours you want to invite over to your house.


Clean the Floors

If you had visitors staying over at your house during the festive season, those people may only recently have left. Unfortunately, they may have left parts of your flooring strewn with dirt.

That’s why you should give your flooring a post-Christmas scrub as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already. However, be careful what cleaning solutions you use — as applying harsh chemicals to a floor would strip its finish intended to lower the chances of staining.


Get Flooring Replaced if Necessary 

Much of the advice in this article may have come to your attention too late. Perhaps you have made a few mistakes that have damaged at least one section of your home’s flooring.

Maybe this flooring has picked up a scratch, or you have used area rugs but unwisely opted for rubber-backed ones, now deemed responsible for discolouring the floor’s surface.

The good news is that damaged flooring is easier to replace than you might have realised. You could arrange this installation work by getting in touch with our Islington flooring company if you happen to live in this Inner London district.