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Westex Flooring Collection

As one of the biggest sellers of Westex nationwide, The Flooring Group is your first stop for their range of carpets and floorings.

Westex Flooring has existed for over 40 years as one of Yorkshire’s finest British brands. Located in West Yorkshire, their membership of the Contract Flooring Association is a sign of their quality.

Every carpet is crafted in New Zealand, which enables the use of the softest wool that can also be dyed into a variety of different colours which enables Westex Carpets to display a vast range of colours across their different carpet selections.

All Westex Carpets provide at least 80% wool content, which is crucial for durability, alongside mothproofing, stain resistance and dustmite proofing. This enables their carpets to be fundamentally durable and long-lasting as well as practicable for every space.

Given that wool is an entirely sustainable source for carpets, given that annual wool shearing is vital for animal welfare, a Westex carpet is an environmentally sound purchase.

All Westex Carpets offer 2 and 3-fold yarns which ensure even greater longevity and this should resist product wear, carpet compression and pile reversal.

Westex Carpets come in a variety of quality ranges, which include;

Westex Ultima Twist Collection – a variety of Westex twists which offer their durable 80% wool and 20% manmade carpet mixture.

Westex Natural Loop Collection – a 100% wool offering that provides a variety of different loop patterns.

Westex Exquisite Velvet – a soft yet still durable range of New Zealand wool carpet from Westex. Ideal for areas which require durability yet also preferentially softer carpet, such as bedrooms.

Westex Silken Velet – a faux-silk, manmade collection that imitates silken carpets and provides a true soft touch for every room.

Westex Westend Velvet – another soft velvet range from Westex that comes in 3 ranges.

Westex Pure Luxury Wool – Westex’s most luxurious range which offers considerably thick piles and long-lasting, soft wool carpets.

Finally, Westex Flooring also offers a Luxury Vinyl Tile Wooden Plank range, which imitates real wood flooring. This lifelike product also offers all the durability of luxury vinyl flooring, with scratch and water resistance alongside easy maintenance making this an ideal floorcovering for kitchen and bathrooms in particular that wish to sport a wood look and feel.

For all Westex enquiries, choose The Flooring Group.