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What Happened To White Hadwood Floors?

If you went back in time to the early nineties when hardwood flooring wasn’t as popular as today there were numerous manufacturers that sold prefinished white hardwood floors. Nowadays it’s hard to find a small handful. What happened and where can one go about white stained hardwood floorfinding some?

Question remains; do you really want white?


Prefinished white hardwood floors are a maintenance problem from the moment they’re installed. The slightest gapping will show rows of off colored lines between the boards. Manufacturers don’t stain the sides of the boards and that’s the reason you’ll notice all the lines or seams. If you’re looking for them try Kahrs; they handle a few white ones in their Castle & Cottage (distressed) and a newer line called Spirit (shown in the image above). Another option is Mirage. All products have a micro beveled appearance; a better option if you’re determined to keep your mind set on white

Sand and Finished Floors

How about that seamless appearance that happens when a floor is installed then sanded and finally stained and coated? Sure it will be seamless after the hardwood guys leave, but will it remain that way? Much of this depends on conditions before and after the installation. If the hardwood installers knew what they were doing, they would have paid attention to acclimation and job site conditions. If you live in a drafty home, or one with minimal insulation and negligable climate control that seamless appearance will not remain for very long.