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What Is Engineered Parquet Flooring?

Engineered Parquet flooring is a type of geometric collage of wood, employed for flooring purposes. It is the most preferred type of flooring that consumers choose, in case they need a designer floor. Parquet flooring enables the customers to choose any sort of design for their floor, such as, triangular, checks, spirals, squares etc.

The blocks of wood, used for Parquet flooring, are not cut into the mentioned shapes, but have these shapes carved on them. Thus, it is mainly used for making patterned blocks for flooring and is a perfect amalgamation of traditional look of floorboards and technical aptness.

They are basically used for domestic purposes especially in bedroom and hallways, due to the fact that, apart from adding to the looks of the environment, parquet flooring is comparatively easier to mop, brush and clean.

Parquet flooring is constructed on a ply which is equipped on an underlay as floating floor. It is even preferred over marble flooring, due to the very basic fact that the latter requires regular washing. Also, it remains warm underneath.

Nexus Flooring’s Engineered Parquet Flooring offers easy repair and reconditioning services and is particularly more useful at those places where temperature and humidity vary frequently. It’s a product that is ultra durable and looks like a real wood. It consists of a flat surface which is non-reflecting and is also suited for dancers as they provide controlled grip which is required by them.

One of the most talked about use of this type of flooring is by the Boston Celtics of the NBA.