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What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Let’s begin by helping you understand what engineered oak flooring is.

It is made up of 3-12 multiple ply woods that are generally built with hardwood. At the top of its core, and engineered wood floor has ‘Veneer’, a type of solid wood, glued to it. The average thickness of this top layer can be anywhere between 0.5mm to 4.5mm or even more.

The wooden layers are pressed together and since the compilation of this wood requires a higher level of customization, the term “engineered” is used as the prefix, to differentiate it from your regular wood flooring.

The following benefits of engineered oak flooring make this engineered product a winner among its competitors:
• With engineered wood flooring you need not to worry about the moisture level in the surroundings, as it is tough enough to withstand the moisture.
• Apart from that, engineered wood flooring can also be employed in that scorching sun light! The sun fails miserably in depleting it.
• The installation is quick, irrespective of the floor’s level, and is easily repairable.
• It remains locked at its place, as this flooring system comprises of an advanced tongue and groove mechanism.

The above mentioned facts provide a strong argument in favour of why engineered oak flooring should be preferred.

Having said all that, the market is full of competitors, and normal consumers like you can be easily conned. But at Nexus Flooring, we provide you with original engineered wood flooring because, money comes later to us, your trust and satisfaction remains supreme.

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