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What is Linoleum Flooring? 5 Advantages to Consider

The UK flooring industry is expected to grow in the next five years, meaning the flooring market is still thriving. If you’re spending money on flooring, you might as well get the best product possible. That’s where linoleum comes in.

But what is linoleum flooring? And what are the benefits of installing them in your home?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out why linoleum flooring is one of the best types of flooring out there.

What Is Linoleum Flooring?

Linoleum flooring has actually been around for quite a long time, as the material’s water resistance and durability made it a sought-after commodity even decades back. So what is linoleum flooring really?

It’s made out of materials made using linseeds, calcium carbonate, cork, and a few other additives. Most linoleum flooring’s ingredients are natural, which lends itself to high durability and reliability.

1. Water Resistant

It’s hard not to skip over its water resistance when it comes to touting linoleum flooring’s best features. Linoleum flooring is far more water-resistant than regular wood, making it great for most homes. 

Using linoleum flooring for kitchens or entryways is the way to go. Children with wet shoes can track some moisture without damaging the floor. Spilling some water on your linoleum floor won’t harm it much either.

2. Durable

Some believe linoleum flooring can last up to 40 years before replacing them. Compared to materials like vinyl, that’s quite the lifespan.

Since the colour and pattern are printed throughout the entire linoleum material and not just at the top, these floors retain their colour quite well. Adding a protective layer makes their longevity even longer.

3. Maintenance

Like any flooring option, you’ll have to clean your linoleum flooring every once. However, it’s incredibly easy to maintain the material compared to other options.

You can scuff out any stains from linoleum flooring. If you regularly sweep, vacuum, and wipe down linoleum flooring, it should hold for quite a while.

4. Lots of Options

One of the best benefits of linoleum flooring is its incredible variety. That is, you can choose from a number of linoleum flooring texture options that fit your home aesthetic.

Linoleum flooring gives you plenty of options, whether you want something that resembles wood, marble, or granite. There are also different types of flooring, such as big sheets, tiles, or click-and-lock tiles for easy installation.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Finally, linoleum flooring is an ecologically-conscious option for those who don’t want to create unnecessary waste. Linoleum is not only long-lasting, but it’s biodegradable.

This means you can recycle them guilt-free or even use them in your compost when you eventually replace your flooring. 

Understanding the Benefits of Linoleum Flooring

When asking “what is linoleum flooring,” it’s important to understand what they’re made out of and why so many people use them in their homes. Use this guide to help you understand the benefits of linoleum flooring.

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