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What Is Marmoleum Flooring?

Have you heard of Marmoleum flooring? Far from the linoleum we used to use, Marmoleum brings us the latest in floor covering design.

Marmoleum is a great option for allergy-sufferers who want safe and beautiful flooring for their indoor spaces. It’s easy to clean and comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

Old linoleum from fifty or sixty years ago was made with vinyl and asbestos. Unfortunately, long-term exposure to these materials can cause health issues, so they’re not great for indoor use.

Today, Marmoleum is toxin-free and made with biodegradable materials. Here’s a look at why so many people like their Marmoleum and how you can use it in all your living areas.

What is Marmoleum Flooring?

Marmoleum is one of the best types of flooring materials you can choose for your home or business. It’s made with materials found in nature, like sawdust, mineral colourings, linseed oil, and natural resins.

Marmoleum comes in thin sheets and tiles. They are available in standard and custom colours.

The colours and patterns penetrate from top to bottom, which means they don’t vanish with wear and tear. This makes Marmoleum popular for use in commercial flooring, in high-traffic areas.

Why Marmoleum is a smart, sustainable option?

Companies that need quality and durable commercial flooring often turn to Marmoleum because it’s an environmentally responsible choice. In addition to its low chemical content, the natural materials in Marmoleum are easily recycled.

In many ways, linseed oil is a super substance. Since linseed oil oxidation never stops, Marmoleum is naturally anti-bacterial. It also resists dust buildup, which is helpful for preventing allergies.

Marmoleum is easy to clean and you can customize it to match your furniture and interior decor. It’s a great investment because it lasts for at least twenty years with proper care.

You can use non-toxic floor soaps to clean Marmoleum. Periodically, it helps to coat it with a protective finish to help it stay stain-free.

How Marmoleum Flooring gets installed

Marmoleum gets installed in sheets or tiles. Technicians bring it inside and fit it to the contours of a room. Whether you need residential or commercial flooring, a good carpet or flooring service will be able to do the installation for you.

The installation process starts with measuring the area where the new flooring is going. After measuring, technicians bring in the new flooring and fit it to the contours of the walls.

Non-toxic adhesive glue is then applied to hold the Marmoleum in place. Lastly, a protective coating seals the surface and helps prevent staining.

Let us install Marmoleum in your living spaces

When you’re ready to install Marmoleum flooring in your home or workplace, get in touch. We’ve been working with residential and commercial flooring since 1973, and have a great portfolio of finished projects.

We’ll be more than happy to discuss what you’re looking to do with your floors. We can help you select the best flooring colours and textures. So contact us today!