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What Is Solid Wood Flooring?

Let’s begin by throwing some light on what is solid oak flooring.

Solid wood flooring is a piece of wood or a flooring material made from timber used specifically for flooring purpose, be it structural or artistic. This type of flooring is a compilation of wood from a variety of trees, but the final product is made up of a single piece of wood, whose thickness is in the range of 18-20mm.

Solid wood flooring is employed using a Tongue and Groove mechanism, which is used to hold blocks together. In this type of junction, the Tongue-block has a carefully carved, T-shaped edge, which is fed into the Groove-block, which has a valley, whose depth has to be extremely appropriate, corresponding to the thickness of the T-shaped edge.

These two pieces of block are, then, fixed together by feeding the Tongue into the Groove. This type of joint is a comparatively strong, having the minimal use of adhesives, because the joint is already quite strong.

The depth of this tongue only determines the number of times you can refurbish the floor’s finish.

Although solid oak flooring looks absolutely amazing, following are some of the key reasons for why solid oak flooring is sometimes given a pass:

• It cannot withstand high levels of moisture and dryness.
• The Tongue-and-Groove mechanism is very tough to install properly, as it requires a precisely carved tongue and valley pair.
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