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Commercial Flooring News

What’s Under Those Old Floors?

Depending on the age of the home you’re in or looking at on a real estate hunt, you’ll never know what’s under the existing floor covering until you actually buy the home. old-heart-pineOwners maybe reluctant to let you pull up a section of some older carpeting, but what if there’s older vinyl tiles under the carpet too? Is the search over for that antique floor you’re after?

Not Necessarily So!

Pictures offer an older home outside of Baltimore Maryland that was built in the 30′s. This was a time when treasures were created. In older days homes were not installed with the same type of hardwood as they are today. They generally have older growth hardwoods which will have different appearances. Or types of hardwood that are now in short supply.

In this case, under old carpet and vinyl tiles an old heart pine floor was discovered on the second floor. To insure a flat surface during the tile installation, a thin layer of underlayment was added and nailed to the hardwood floor. Removal called for using a flooring spud bar and a metal mallet to get below the underlayment and lift the tiles from the floor.

So What’s It Cost To Get The Heart Pine Floor Refinished?

Considering the floor had been protected quite well for decades expect to pay an estimated total cost of $ 4-5 per square foot for old-radiator250pixfloor refinishing. Keep in mind this is almost a perfect world scenario because the floor was in such fine shape. Additional costs may be incurred for replacing damaged or rotten boards or if you’ve abandoned the older radiant heat and removed the units, some repairs will have to be made in these areas as well. Contractors will generally charge by time and material in this case with costs varying from one side of town to the other or within geographical regions.

More Good News. Borders Downstairs

To this new homeowners surprise hardwood borders lined the perimeters of the rooms downstairs. We’re not suggesting you’ll find this in most homes, but those that predate 1940 the chances will be greater. Homes built within the last 30 years are unlikely to have any hardwood underneath as wall to wall carpeting was a major player in what was chosen for floor coverings.