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Which Flooring Should You Try for the Festive Season?

For plenty of us, Christmas is exciting — but it can also take its toll on your home’s flooring. Suppose you will be inviting a lot of people over to your residence. In that case, many pairs of feet will inevitably hit that flooring — especially when people are keen on dancing as classic Yuletide songs play.

Thankfully, none of this means that you need to settle for aesthetically dull flooring this Christmas. We can install various types of festive-friendly flooring in London.


Traditional Wooden Flooring 

It won’t be hard for your mind to run through a long list of traditional Christmas motifs. However, whether you are currently picturing a gloriously decorated pine tree, sprigs of holly, dangling mistletoe or something else, it could look especially fitting with the backdrop of traditional wooden flooring. 

It’s easy to feel nervous about having such flooring in your home at this time of year. After all, if you opt for a real Christmas tree, needles could fall off it and — at least in theory — scratch wooden flooring too easily. Also, if you overfill the tree’s water bucket, some water could end up on the flooring and warp it.

Still, it bears emphasis that there are many varieties of wooden flooring — and how well this flooring holds up will very much depend on what type you choose. It would bode well for you to go with woods that either are naturally solid and robust or have been engineered to be so. 

Don’t fret if you are on a tight budget, as you understandably could be after weeks of buying Christmas presents for loved ones. Wooden flooring is even available in cheaper laminated form with the durability needed for it to stay the course long after everyone has finished unwrapping presents. 


Grey Flooring 

You might have long deemed grey a ‘boring’ colour for residential flooring. Even the thought of that hue could make you immediately picture staid offices and warehouses! Surprisingly, grey can work well in a Christmas setting — and certainly doesn’t have to limit the creativity of the floor’s design. 

One reason is that grey flooring can be sourced in many tones. You could even mix and match some when working in consultation with us to put together a bespoke design for your Christmas flooring. 

Another plus point of grey is how well it can look when paired with white — which, of course, is a very Christmassy colour (if you consider white to be a colour). 


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT flooring (as you might sometimes see it called) is resistant to water and can help prevent damage that could otherwise result from, say, spilt wine or an inadvertently knocked-over plant pot. However, you should still remember to sort out any water spillages on that flooring as soon as possible. 

You can see examples of Christmas flooring in London stores we run. Why not use our website to find details about The Flooring Group’s showroom nearest you?