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Which Is The Best Knee Protection Against Injuries Among Floor-Layers?

Floor-layers often suffer from swollen and sore knee joints as well as other knee injuries that are invariable for their profession. It is a persistent and aggravating problem but London flooring specialists point out that prevention is way easier than cure by taking the right steps to take care of your knees. As knee is one of the most complex joints in the human body, there is a wide range of different injuries related to it. London flooring professionals as well as other employees in the flooring field are particularly concerned of these injuries because of the demanding work on their knees. One of the most common traumas is Bursitis or Housemaid’s Knee – it is caused by repetitive knee movements, for example crouching down and standing up, or kneeling for long periods of time. The sack of fluid which cushions the knee joints is called Bursa and when fluid builds up in it, this results in soreness, stiffness and swelling in the joint. London flooring experts state the answer is one – effective knee protection. As you may expect there is a Knee Protection Standard covered by EU legislation – it deals with the force-distribution, size and penetration-resistance of the knee-pads.

  • For craftsmen in a mobile working environment it is recommended to use type 2, level 1 protection as their work process involves regular kneeling. This level of protection is specially designed to protect knees in working environment with hard, damp and rough surfaces. The other standard is type 2, level 0 – it is effective knee protection for London flooring specialists that need to work on their knees only occasionally and indoors. This design of knee protection is suitable for work done on flat surfaces.
  • Various types of knee guards have been designed over the years – foam rubber mats, strap-on pads and basic protection. However, a respected London flooring company says that a knee protection is really effective only when it comes from a knee-guard system that has been precisely researched, fully tested and manufactured using reliable materials that perform to the standards at all times. In order to ensure that they will provide London high-quality flooring, workers should feel comfortable wearing the knee-pads – they should not be an obstacle when floor-layers are doing their job. This means that the knee-pads should work in tandem with the work trousers and stay in the right position during the day to ensure good knee protection – a properly designed knee guard positioning system is what London flooring professionals need.
  • Effective knee-pads should include properly designed knee-pad pockets with special seams that will allow floor-layers to adjust them in different positions to assure greater knee protection. London flooring company states that efficient knee-pads should be made of hardwearing materials on the edges and softer in the centre to incorporate adequate pressure distribution against rough and sharp objects ensuring maximum comfort. London flooring contractors claim that the effective design of the knee-pads should also feature high sides in order to prevent sliding off and ensure the knee-pads are highly flexible when floor-layers walk as well as close around the knees when they kneel down.
  • The price, quality and effectiveness of the knee protection vary. London flooring specialists say that you can’t expect much from knee-pads that only cost few pounds as there is usually no guarantee of comfort and efficiency. A respected London flooring company should always supply quality knee-pads for their employers. The tradesmen that are more discerning and concerned with their welfare and health on site are more interested in the revolutionary ‘active’ knee-pads – they are proven to last twice as long as regular knee-pads. They also feature cutting-edge knee protection using an innovative D30 material. This is a specially engineered and active rubber material that consists of intelligent molecules which follow your moves. When they detect a shock they lock together and absorb the impact energy to deliver high-quality protection. They are also ergonomic and follow the shape of the knees providing additional support when kneeling.

Every flooring company should provide not only high-quality London flooring services but take care of their floor-layers` health and ensure their knee protection is suitable for their demanding job requiring working on their knees for long periods of time.

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