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Why Is Cork Flooring Becoming More Popular?

Did you know that over half of the world’s cork comes from Portugal? Cork has natural qualities that make it ideal for commercial and residential flooring. In addition, it is an affordable alternative to traditional hardwood floors. 

Do you know why buildings up and down the UK are installing cork flooring? If not, read on to discover the benefits that cork flooring can offer your home or business.  

Good for the Environment

Less than 50% of UK businesses are on target to meet their SDG goals. But, cork flooring can help. While traditional hardwood flooring involves chopping trees down to harvest the wood, cork production does not.

In fact, cork is one of the most eco-friendly floor products. It causes no lasting damage, and the bark of the cork oak tree is a renewable resource that regenerates every nine years.

Cork is a replenishable material that will biodegrade within three years after its life span. However, a well-maintained cork floor will last for 40 years in your home or office. 

Easy to Maintain

Cork flooring is naturally water-resistant, but you should quickly mop up liquids to avoid staining. This quality is what make it the ideal candidate for wine stoppage.

You need to sweep and hoover weekly to maintain your cork floors. Mop with a damp sponge once a month. Never use a soaking wet material on a cork floor and avoid detergents with ammonia or harsh abrasive chemicals.

High-quality cork installation will ensure its longevity and easy-clean nature. A professional will add polyurethane sealants, which must be re-applied every three years.

Suitable for Custom Floor Designs

Although it’s a natural flooring products, cork comes in a variety of shades. Therefore, designers can play with various geometrical shapes to create unique patterns. In fact, with staining and dying techniques, there are now over 40 cork colours to enjoy. 

You can impress guests with reception cork flooring in your office or a welcoming vibe in your home.

Lowers Energy Bills

It is estimated that UK homes lose 15% of heat through uninsulated flooring. However, cork has a natural thermal quality that feels warm underfoot. 

Inside the cork is a honeycomb cellular structure that traps air. It acts as a thermal barrier to stop escaping heat. So, as energy prices continue to rise in the UK, the popularity of cork flooring is also growing. 

Good for Children and Seniors

The cellular design of cork also makes it springy. Thanks to the trapped air, the cork can compress and bounce back. Therefore, it is perfect for families with tumbling children or residential homes. 

Cork flooring is softer on the joints of the elderly. If they were to tumble over, the springiness may reduce bone breakage.  

Choose Cork Flooring for Your Next Renovation

Cork flooring is becoming more popular for these reasons. So, now is the time to invest if you think that cork will add warmth, style, and safety to your home.

While maintenance is low-key, it is vital that cork flooring is professionally installed with the correct layers and sealants. 

Contact us today to discuss if cork flooring is right for your commercial and residential building.