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Why Underlay?

Best Underlay Types

Why Underlay?

Underlay makes carpet feel better – Underlay provides cushioning and makes carpet more comfortable.

Underlay makes carpet Look better – Underlay protects the carpet and improves appearance retention. Looking newer for longer.

Underlay makes Carpet lasts longer – Underlay acts as a shock absorber enabling the carpet to last significantly longer.

Underlay reduces energy costs – Underlay insulates your home providing an extra barrier helping to keep heat in. Underlay can help reduce energy costs by up to 15%.

Underlay Reduces noise – A floor with a carpet is 250% quieter than a floor without.

Underlay makes the carpet easier to clean – Protecting the carpet pile makes it easier to clean and more hygienic. Acts as a barrier to embedded dirt so reducing the grinding action when carpet is vacuumed.

Underlay makes your carpet safer – Old carpets can lose their stretch and ridges can form, leading to potential trip hazards especially for older people or those with mobility aids.

Click the image below to see more detailed information on various underlay types.