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Wicander Mahogany Light 3 Strip

Reference – W651001

Dimension mm/inches – 905x185x12

Bevelling – not bevelled

Strong Cork Flooring With Fantastic Features

  • Xtreme WRT is four times more wear-resistant than usual varnishes of comparable quality.
  • Xtreme WRT Clearly increases slide resistance. Even in socks you will not slide. The tiny ceramic micro beads slightly roughen the surface of the varnish and reduce sliding potential.
  • Xtreme WRT Enhances the natural features of wood and cork. Considerably improves UV protection, protecting the cork flooring from the sun’s rays that cause it to change colour over the years.
  • Xtreme WRT Enhances the natural features of wood and cork. Contrary to all other varnishes, which make floors appear cold and slippery, the velvety warmth of cork and wood is preserved by Xtreme WRT varnish.
  • Xtreme WRT Is a fully dirt-resistant. Everyday shoe debris, colour spots and any other type of dirt can easily be removed from an Xtreme WRT varnish, even if the floor has a high level of traffic.
  • Xtreme WRT Is a matt varnish that emphasizes the natural structure of cork and wood while guaranteeing all the qualities of Xtreme WRT.