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Wood Flooring Decor

Wood flooring decor is hugely popular in both domestic and commercial projects and has to be one of my favourite finishes.

So why would you choose wood? Perhaps for an eco-organic, healthy lifestyle or because you just happen to love the look and the colors/tones.

Below is a beautiful example of a parquet design similar to that typically found during the early 1900’s, particularly in the Art Deco period.


What is wood decor flooring and which would you choose?

To the right is again an example of a hardwood parquet, this time in aged walnut whereas oak is shown in the above image.

I can’t resist walnut.

I absolutely love it and would choose it over every other type of wood flooring decor.

Although bamboo is actually a grass, it is considered as a wood and is a great choice for Japanese interior design or Asian interiors.

There are many types to choose from which are all beautiful to work with and there is certainly one for each of our individual preferences:









Although I have listed ‘teak’ and ‘mahogany’ in the above list of wood flooring decor, I personally avoid using any types of endangered species of timber in my design projects.

Play around with ideas on your mood board to help you decide which type, color, size and texture of timber(s) suits your design concept. Each has its own natural characteristics and appeal. Each solid plank is milled for a single piece of timber and can look very different from tree to tree.

The large cut planks of timber shown in the bedroom image below provides the space with a cool contemporary look and is a great addition to this minimalistic interior design.

If you are ‘earth friendly’, please do take note of what your final choice of timber is. There are so many fantastic ranges to select from and also laminate flooring or ‘floating wood tile’ offers extensive collections which means you can avoid buying for any species that is becoming scare.

To finish your flooring you can either wax, polish, varnish, paint or leave raw. Sand your boards before preparation.

The open spaced family room below shows us a fantastic example of a dark oak finish. It looks stunning. When mixed with white walls, it can create a classical feeling as apposed to the light oak shown in the first image which allows for a more modern looking interior.