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Wood Flooring Types

Our Wood Flooring Solutions consist of five very different wood flooring types; Reclaimed Parquet, French Oak Chevron, Solid Wood Flooring, Engineered Wood Flooring and Laminate Décor. This means we can offer a wood flooring solution for any type of property, domestic or commercial and is affordable for most budgets!

With careful management of all our suppliers our customers can be assured of the very best quality and value for money.

Our ethos is to ensure all our reclaimed parquet and wood flooring solutions are Ethically Sourced, Eco Friendly, Premium Quality and Competitively Priced.
Our Heritage Range of reclaimed parquet, recycled solid wood parquet and strip flooring remains our premier product.

Because we salvage directly from UK and European demolition sites and preferred suppliers we ensure only the very finest reclaimed parquet and strip flooring is purchased.

Careful management is key to supplying the very best reclaimed parquet and reclaimed solid wood flooring as this ensures whole blocks, no off cuts, no filler and no mixed batches. Availability includes reclaimed parquet, reclaimed solid wood blocks and reclaimed wood strip in superior reclaimed Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Jarrah, hard wood and exotic woods.
Reclaimed solid oak French Chevron has made a real resurgence in 2014 and we believe there is none better than our Statement Range of reclaimed oak chevron.

Sourced and shipped directly from Europe, this reclaimed solid oak flooring is second to none. French in source and French in design – a dream of a floor!

We first met Jim Sanderson (director of Eco Flooring Ltd.) in 2012 when he was exhibiting at Grand Designs Live in London. Since then we have specified Eco Flooring’s reclaimed oak chevron floor in two projects, the second of which was our own development. In both instances we were delighted by the results, as Jim’s craftsmanship and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful final product.”