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Wool Prices

Wool prices are on the rise – again! The latest British Wool Marketing Board sale this week saw prices rise from between 2 and 12 per cent. 70% of all British Wool goes into carpets so the UK carpet manufacturers take a keen interest in raw material prices. As we always say, and honestly it is true, wool is the best fibre for carpet. However, continuing price rises mean that desired or traditional price points for retailers are having to move – upwards. And, ultimately, it means that consumers will have to pay more for their wool carpets.

Wool Week in the UK has just finished and there was much euphoria about it – especially from those ‘inside the tent’. However,lest we get carried away, it is a difficult time. Farmers are not getting rich from sales of wool, processors we are told are having to keep costs to an absolute minimum and rely on large volumeRomney Sheeps and manufacturers and retailers, as mentioned above, are grumbling that crucial price points cannot be met with wool prices so high.