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Xylo Flooring Products

The Flooring Group is delighted to be able to offer all Xylo Flooring products to our customers. Offering a wide variety of wood, laminate and vinyl products, alongside the relevant profiles and accessories, Xylo Flooring is a high-quality provider of flooring with products to meet every need and budget.

Located in Islington, London, they provide flooring nationwide and The Flooring Group is one of their trusted suppliers. They have been distributing wood flooring since their inception in 1999. Most Xylo products have a lifetime guarantee and they include high-quality engineered wooden flooring, in click of tongue & groove installation systems in a variety of colour and grade options.

Their wood products are generally in multi-layer 18mm-21mm structural multi-layer floorcoverings, whilst their commercially-rated vinyl and laminate ranges are inclusive of the world-renowned Vallinge 2G click system

Wood flooring is one of our most popular floorings that are offered to customers and Xylo’s products are available in both rustic and select grades – either showing a variety of knots and grains or having a clean finish. From natural oak to stained colours which include exotic types such a walnut, there is a wide range to choose from.

Xylo’s flooring finishes include both oiled and lacquered wood. Oiled wooden flooring can appear more natural and is softer underfoot, yet requires regular maintenance and a re-oiling every few years. Their lacquered finish is more resistant to damage – and in particular to water damage – with maintenance more sporadically required. Yet the sheen-like appearance of such wood can appear less natural to some customers.

If you have any queries about Xylo Flooring, please get in touch with us at The Flooring Group so that we can progress your enquiry into an excellent installation for you.