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5 Must-Know Carpet Care Tips to Keep Your Floors Looking Fresh

Female cleaner using spray stains remover

You can expect your carpet to last around five years in a rental property before replacing it. It can last as much as two to three times longer in a home, especially in low traffic areas.

Everything from the harsh sun’s rays streaming in through the windows in summer and wearing shoes inside to the scratching of pet claws and kid toys can reduce the lifespan of your carpet. Carpet care is essential to ensure you get the maximum lifespan from your flooring investment.

Read on to learn the best carpet cleaning tips and much more!

1. Leave Those Shoes at the Door

When it comes to carpet and upholstery care, one of the easiest things you can do (if you haven’t already) is to instigate a shoe ban.

We use shoes to protect our feet when we head outdoors, so they pick up everything from car oil to dog poop. As you can imagine, walking on a carpet with dirty shoes makes it messy and even unhygienic.

The rough soles of your shoes also wear down the carpet’s fibres more than necessary. Why not put on a pair of soft slippers instead?

2. Install Runners in High Traffic Areas

Just like you need to learn how to clean car carpets at home, you also need to educate yourself on how to best take care of your indoor carpeting. While choosing the right carpet in the first place helps, another way to prevent wear and tear is to protect your investment.

Lay runners and floor rugs in high traffic areas or places where you often experience spills like hallways, entranceways, living rooms, nurseries, and playrooms.

3. Deal With Spills and Messes Immediately

Even in the most careful, calmest of households, messes happen! Dealing with spills immediately—before they turn into hard (or impossible) to remove stains—is one of the most crucial carpet cleaning tips.

Some products in your stain-prevention arsenal include baking soda, vinegar, a bio-enzymatic cleaner (for pet stains), paper towels (for blotting), and a stain remover designed for carpets.

4. Deep Clean Regularly—But Not Too Often

Employ the services of a professional to deep clean your carpet once every six months to a year, depending on how busy your household is. They have specialised products and equipment designed to reach deep into the piles, extracting embedded debris and removing stubborn stains.

Just be sure not to do this too often because the process can be hard on a carpet.

5. Vacuuming (and Vacuum) Matters

The final bit of advice in this list of cleaning carpet tips is to ensure you invest in a high-quality hoover. You need a vacuum cleaner with enough power to suck out the dirt and dust trapped in the carpet fibres.

Try to hoover at least twice weekly, or more for high traffic areas. This will keep your carpet looking fresh, retaining the colour and quality.

When Carpet Care Isn’t Enough

As much as it’s vital to clean and care for your carpet, you also need to know when to replace it. Sometimes, all the carpet care tips in the world won’t restore a carpet that’s reached the end of its life! If your last carpet didn’t hold up to your lifestyle or had a shorter lifespan than expected, consult with a flooring expert to determine which carpet style to invest in next.

If you’re considering replacing the flooring in your home or office, reach out to the team at The Flooring Group. We’re London’s largest flooring retailer, with five well-stocked showrooms and a dedicated commercial division.