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Choosing Carpet: 5 Tips That All Homeowners Should Know

Are you looking to add an extra warm and cosy feel to your home? Then a carpet might be just the thing you’re looking for. While hard floors certainly have their advantages, they don’t particularly add to the homeliness of your house.

So, you’ve decided to go for carpet – what next? There are lots of different kinds of carpets fit for many purposes, so it can be difficult to know what kind to go for.

If you need some help choosing carpet, keep reading as we take a look at 5 tips to give you confidence in your carpet-buying abilities!

1. Get the Padding Right

A good carpet isn’t just about aesthetics and softness. The cushioning underneath the carpet can make a huge difference in how comfortable the carpet is to walk on.

Most carpet manufacturers will recommend a certain type of padding to match your carpet. Good padding will protect the backing of the carpet, and will also provide insulation and soundproofing. Remember—areas with high foot traffic will need denser padding than other areas.

2. Choose a Style

Carpets come in all different textures like Saxony, plush, Berber, and textured. Each style of carpet will have different requirements when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

When it comes to how to choose carpet for home, consider where the carpet is going – is it a high foot traffic area like a hallway or living room? Berber or frieze carpet is a good option here as they are durable and hide loose debris. Plush or Saxony carpet will get imprinted by feet or furniture so these styles are best for areas with low foot traffic.

3. Know Your Budget

It’s easy to let the soft feel of a test square of carpet entice you. If you don’t have a budget in mind, you could end up overspending—as soon as you’ve felt premium carpet, everything else may pale in comparison!

Set yourself a budget, and get test squares based on that budget. That way you will know exactly what you’re able to afford without getting tempted to break the bank.

4. Patterns and Colours

Do you want a striking focal point in a room? Then a patterned carpet might be just that. Many people overlook the carpet and see it purely as something to be comfortable rather than stylish, but a patterned carpet can really spice up a room and make it unique!

The same can be said for colour; while most people go for carpets that are plain and pale in colour, a bright and striking carpet can really freshen up any space.

Choosing the right carpet can completely change the look of any room.

5. Consider Stairs

Stairs are probably the area of the home with the highest foot traffic, and the carpet must also be bent around the stairs to fit it.

This means you need to be careful when choosing your carpet if it’s going on the stairs. When you’re checking carpets, press your finger into the pile. If it separates easily and you can feel the backing, this suggests that it will be exposed when curved around the stair.

Make Choosing Carpet Fun!

Choosing carpet isn’t simple and is really down to each individual’s tastes and preferences. But these tips should help put your mind at ease and help you know how to choose a carpet that’s not only right for your style but fit for purpose, too.

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