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Alternative Flooring – High-Quality Carpets

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The Flooring Group is delighted to be working with Alternative Flooring, a premium lifestyle brand producing high-quality carpet for happy customers for several years now. Collaborating with high-profile designers such as Margo Selby, Ashley Hicks and Ben Pentreath, Alternative Flooring provides ranges of carpet which offer entirely unique textures and designs. The Alternative Flooring collection includes a wide variety of fibres, such as wool carpets, sisal, seagrass, jute, coir and even a faux-sisal collection. Their headline...

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Nora Rubber Flooring

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The Flooring Group is delighted to have a productive and mutually beneficial partnership with Nora, one of the largest producers of rubber flooring in the world. Headquartered in Germany, Nora have existed since 1950 for creating and distributing some of the finest rubber flooring products. Nora have continually revolutionised the production and manufacturing of rubber flooring, lately including their new invention of self-adhesive rubber flooring using an innovative system called nTx. Nora provides rubber flooring to a wide...

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Westex Flooring Collection

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As one of the biggest sellers of Westex nationwide, The Flooring Group is your first stop for their range of carpets and floorings. Westex Flooring has existed for over 40 years as one of Yorkshire’s finest British brands. Located in West Yorkshire, their membership of the Contract Flooring Association is a sign of their quality. Every carpet is crafted in New Zealand, which enables the use of the softest wool that can also be dyed into a variety of different colours which enables Westex Carpets to display a vast range of colours...

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Amtico Décor – Luxury Vinyl Tile Designs

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The Flooring Group is one of the leading Amtico sellers in the UK. As such, The Flooring Group is delighted to be a retailer of its exclusive Amtico Décor range. Amtico Décor brings history to the present in a timeless yet modern style. Their beautiful Victorian-era luxury vinyl tile designs showcase the stunning complexity that a floor can offer. Provided with a Lifetime Warranty, all Amtico Décor products offer tremendous durability to the customer. This artisan collection of luxury vinyl tiles includes six distinct ranges, each...

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Berry Alloc – Specialist in Hardwood Flooring

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Berry Alloc, founded as a wood flooring company in 1998, provides a white selection of specialist hardwood floors to clients across the world. Berry Alloc’s range includes real wood flooring, parquet, laminate, long wooden planks and even vinyl tiles. All of their wooden floor range comes with a variety of accessories, including underlays and skirting profiles. An impressive Lifetime Warranty applies to all of Berry Alloc’s products, giving the customer a great sense of security in their floor. Considered environmental policy and...

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Holt Wood Flooring Products – Prime Wood Quality

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The Flooring Group is a retailer of all Holt Wood Flooring products. Holt Hardwood Flooring provides a prime European wood quality, all at very affordable prices. Holt Hardwood Flooring products include a variety of straight wood planks, parquet wood, herringbone wood and other types of wood flooring. All Holt Hardwood Flooring products come across a range of floor finishes, including oiled and lacquered wood floors. All Holt wood products come in 14mm plank thickness and each wood product boasts a 2.5mm wear layer. This should enable at...

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Associated Weavers – Carpet Manufacturing Company

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Associated Weavers are a Belgian carpet manufacturing company. The Flooring Group is proud to have Associated Weavers as an official partner, who provide many of our customers with a range of wool and manmade carpet selections. Associated Weavers is one of the biggest producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe, thereby providing a great range of colours in carpet. Associated Weavers offer carpets to suit every taste and budget, with comfort and ambience in each yarn. Your unique house character can undoubtedly be matched with their...

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Helping The Planet and Tenants With a New Innovative Flooring Project

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A major Scottish housing association has introduced an innovative fresh flooring project, thought to be the first of its kind in the nation and intended to enhance the life of hard-pressed tenants while assisting the environment.   Delivered by the Melville Housing Association based in Dalkeith, the project sees refurbished carpet tiles saved from landfill, and instead offered at no cost to tenants struggling to find the money to provide their homes with floor coverings.   As part of the pilot program, one tenant who has...

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Welcome Colour Edit by Amtico

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If bold colours or subtly toned palettes are your thing, you need to check out the Colour Edit collection from Amtico. It will add a touch of charm and warmth to your floors. The Edit collection offers an amazingly beautiful array of shades that allows you to combine and play with the tones to achieve a one of a kind flooring. This collection comes with 4 designs and 25 unique shades that refine and complement each other, but look equally beautiful when used alone. The designs vary in texture, from aged plaster to subtle watercolors to...

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AC Rating for Laminate Floors

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When purchasing a new laminate or vinyl floor you need to consider a few things. The warranty offered is not always the best measure for its’ durability or lifespan. It is best to consider the Abrasion Class (AC) as it provides a more accurate measure of toughness and durability. The AC rating indicates how much traffic, stains, impact, etc the flooring can withstand. The Abrasion Class was introduced by the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF), who develop and regulate the industry standards as a means to help consumers...

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