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Recofloor Celebrates 10th Anniversary Recycling Scheme

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Recofloor was initially developed to recycle post-consumer vinyl waste, however, the logistics and retrieval of the material were more challenging than initially thought. In 2007, all vinyl flooring manufacturers created this working group. It was managed and coordinated by a waste management company. Funding was done through WRAP (Waste and Resources Management Company) but after the trial period, government funding ceased. Polyflor continued to run the scheme with another UK Manufacturer and in 2009 Recofloor was formed. Did you know that...

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Wool Carpets And Indoor Air Pollution

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The latest research indicates that woollen carpets help cut air pollution in a home by absorbing harmful chemicals from cleaning fragrances, paint, and furniture. Scientists state that these volatile organic compounds linked to cancer and breathing problems, are found in our homes and wool carpets can absorb them. As a result, they highly recommend using wool carpets for workplaces. From all wool tested, they have found that Blackface sheep breed was found to be the most absorbent wool followed by Swaledale.   Scientists have...

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MODUL’UP T.E. – Adhesive-Free Damp Subfloor Solution By Forbo

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Damp subfloors can cause a lot of issues and current solutions on the market are complex and expensive not to mention time-consuming. Forbo Flooring has now launched a new economical, hassle-free and easy to install solution, which allows for installation directly over damp subfloors.    In 2018 Forbo launched its adhesive-free vinyl sheet collection and has further developed this new version created for installation over damp subfloors, Modul’Up T.E, which has up to 97% RH. The result delivers all advantages of the...

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Missoni Home and Bolon At the Annual London Design Festival!

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Bolon has partnered perfectly with the renowned Italian fashion and design house Missoni for many years. This autumn a new Massoni Home collection is being launched, taking the design house identity even further on Bolon Flooring. The new collection will present new colours and patterns - Trinidad, Fireworks, Flame, Flame Patch and the classic ZigZag. Each design will be available in a series of colours. The Missoni Home collection is highly confident, cheerful and visually striking with the available designs and will be on display in...

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Amtico Click Smart Collection

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Amtico presents its new - Click Smart Collection. It is a stylish, easy to install and very versatile vinyl flooring with click installation mechanism, and offers an authentic range of stones, textured grains, as well as the organic fine wood schemes to create the perfect space and balance minimal interiors. Amtico click smart LVT flooring is integrated with underlay, which reduces the installation time. Each tile has a few layers which contribute to the overall performance of the collection. Top layer - Urethane coating protects from...

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Distinctive Flooring – New LVT Collection Launch

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Distinctive Flooring, a manufacturer of LVT, has just released the new Landscape collection. The collection is accessible for purchase, with retail showrooms offering a variety of point-of-sale stands. This collection is the most recent addition to the LVT offering of the brand and includes three sub-collections together with a range of capsules. Tiles are said to boast bevelled edges in the Landscape collection and a certified emboss for a natural and authentic texture. Reportedly, the planks come with a residential lifetime and commercial...

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Abingdon Carpet Tile Division Presents Fusion

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Fusion - the latest innovative carpet tile from Abingdon Carpet tile division, was created for the demanding spaces and is 100% Made in Britain! Fusion is made from solution-dyed nylon for stain and fade resistance, along with 1/10th gauge loop pile ensuring versatility and performance. The collection features solid fleck and tonal stripe designs that can create striking layouts. The collection also offers 9 solid colours and 2 complementing stripes. Currently, many of the busiest workplaces are sectioning or zoning their office spaces...

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UK Construction Week in Birmingham

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UK's largest construction trade event - Construction Week in Birmingham   The UK Construction Week will be hosting nine partial exhibitions from the construction industry: Timber Expo, Build Show, Civils Expo, Plant & Machinery Live, Energy, Smart Buildings, Surface & Materials Show, HVAC, and Grand Designs Live.    This year over 650 exhibitors will present a wide range of products, services, innovative designs around construction building. Visitors of over 30 000 primarily housebuilders, architects,...

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Tessera Chroma by Forbo

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All across the industry, we have seen a general increase in nature-inspired trend and the mixing of organic texture with colours. Forbo Flooring systems have come up with a new, high-end carpet tile collection - Tessera Chroma. The collection is created of carefully combined colours and shades, balancing the creation and diversification of workspaces. Tessera Chroma’s palette is composed of 27 sophisticated and trend-led colours currently representing contemporary aesthetics. The collection has 12 neutral and 15 bright colours and is said...

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Interior Wall Concept From Haro

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HARO has set the pace again with the latest trend. They have developed a simple pragmatic solution - where even professional installers benefit from their simple wall cladding system.  The wallboards are fitted at the factory with lines of glue that can be placed on the prepped wall using a little assembly adhesive after the protective film has been removed. The system collects many positive points here as the process needs no tools and no side trimmings when installing.    Haro Interior Walls come in 2...

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