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Awesome Laundry Room Makeovers – Part 1

The laundry room is a small space with great potential for creative development. And while it is meant for function rather than enjoyment, there is no reason for it to look good and aesthetically pleasing. A functional and well-organized laundry room is in fact much easier to use, as things are stored more efficiently and accessible. Also, the makeover should not always involve price investments. A few small changes will make all the difference.

The Flooring Group has listed some basic ideas for breathing life and style in the smallest room in the home.

  1. Basic trend is the use of dark open wall cabinet which is very compact and functional while setting the tone for a windowless room. With the addition of some wooden counter will add functionality. A small but bold rug that matches the cabinets is a great finishing touch.
  2. A DIY laundry revamps with more open shelving storage can be achieved by hanging pictures and using a modern, solid wall colour. Some extra open shelves can be added for storage to clear the clutter. Use baskets as well not only to look fresh but also to prevent clutter from accumulating again.
  3. A makeover with stencilling is a drastic one. But sometimes necessary. A new organization with the matching colour machines and cabinets is a great idea. The stencilled pattern on the walls has to be the star of the show – it not only looks beautiful and elegant but also stress on the appliances more.
  4. A shabby chic luxury on all accounts can also be achieved in the laundry room. While the practical elements such as the cabinetry and shelving are left quite minimalistic, the feel is in the details like a chandelier and some paintings for example.
  5. A budget-friendly laundry Room makeover with more storage is always the final goal. Almost every single laundry room makeover is focused on that. That aim can be accomplished by embedding the machines in a cream storage unit and then hanging a matching colour one to make better use of the empty wall space.

Just a few examples of how little changes go a long way. The Flooring Group will help every customer in their quest for a creative and inspirational makeover. Stay tuned for more examples in our article Awesome Laundry Room Makeovers – Part 2.