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Awesome Laundry Room Makeovers – Part 2

As listed in the previous article Awesome Laundry Room Makeovers – Part 1 we are determined to pinpoint a few interesting and stylish ways to transform a laundry room into something spectacular. Counting on, we at The Flooring Group would like to put down some more basic ideas on how to utilise and personalise this often neglected little space.

  • 6. A makeover with new cabinets and a counter across the washer and dryer is a complete transformation that sometimes cannot be eluded. With the addition of a counter and cabinets, the room becomes functional as well as well decorated. A bold contrast of newly painted charcoal walls and white cabinetry can add elegance and a 3D perspective of this small space.
  • 7. Revealing the room is always better to be made with a fresh coat of pristine white paint and a wall cabinet. Those make the most difference in appearance and in space usage. A wall colour changed and the addition of some functional-decorative details on top of the machines will look marvellous.
  • 8. A farmhouse and rustic touches are the best for a laundry that lacks of organisation. The floors can be replaced with a wooden look alike and woven baskets add the finishing, rustic touch to the decoration.
  • 9. The vintage feel is often achieved by a twist added in with a vintage floor such as black and white tile, and while the furniture and appliances can be left all white, the wooden shelves give it a different, rustic touch.
  • 10. Charming essence is for all those homeowners with artistic potential and a lot of attention to detail. A chandelier, a wall and door decorations that are quite unique can transform any ordinary room.

Those are some of the idea that The Flooring Group has gathered to show that not so real effort can be made to decorate the room and update it to a special lovely place.