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Christmas Flooring Trends

As Christmas is around the corner it is the perfect time to get the home ready for the Holidays. As a customer, you can always count on The Flooring Group to help you choose the correct flooring both technically and aesthetically.

Let us start with the choice of the right colour. Darker shades are always trendy and bring natural warmth to any room. Should you settle for this type the hardwood floor is the best option and the most preferred shade is walnut. The wood adds that classy pleasant atmosphere to your home and will always remain timeless. Walnut is vastly versatile material allowing customers to have an underfloor heating installed as well. Good looks and a cost-efficient heating system is the symbiosis to look for. After installation, the floor must be allowed to settle in and “absorb” its new shape fitting perfectly into the room.

When customers are limited by the size of the rooms, the darker shade will not be recommendable. There are plenty of lighter colours to choose from. Brighter flooring will open up visually the room and bring summer feeling in even the most frosty winter months. Nonetheless, it is always down to personal preferences and likes.

Modern alternatives to hardwood are also gaining popularity nowadays. Customers can count on vibrant quality even in cheaper options such as vinyl tiles. And let us not forget the excellent moisture resistance of the vinyl, which makes the choice perfect for not only bedrooms but kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Another heavily relied on alternative is the laminate. With this option, the price is the most attractive feature. Not only it is cost-efficient, but also heavily durable and strong with extreme longevity. The flooring helps owners of pets not to worry about scratches and deep damage and enjoy life.

Bottom line is that the Christmas tree will fit every flooring type, as long as it is surrounded by loving families and lots of laughter and presents. Happy holidays to all from The Flooring Group!