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Electric Underfloor Heating For Laminate

Laminate and vinyl floors are becoming increasingly popular and perform extremely well with underfloor heating (UFH). Thermogroup, which The Flooring Group partners with, recommends the use of the electric type, mainly due to the fact that both floorings are extremely sustainable and compatible. The process of heating involves temperatures of only up to 27 degrees Celsius, which works well with laminate’s characteristics.

Cold considered rooms such as annexes and conservatories are extremely difficult to heat up. And installing laminate in there makes this job a real pain. Unlike tiles, the laminate must be heated carefully to avoid warping and bowing.

If you have chosen to install an underfloor heating, then your laminate floor need to be floated. This a term that is used to describe a specific design in the installation of the floor. Generally speaking, the floating floor is free and not stuck or fixed to the subfloor. It relies on the weight of itself to be kept in position.

Among the best products of Thermogroup is the Thermofoil PRO – an electric aluminium specifically designed to distribute the warmth underneath laminate floors. It is compatible also with engineered timber and most of the other floating floorings. The heating foil is only 2.5mm in thickness, meaning it is perfect for adding the warm and comfortable feeling to the floor of every customer. Another recommendable addition is the use of Econoboard insulation boards to minimise the heat loss in a downward direction. This product will also help maximise the efficiency of the electric heating system.

Nonetheless, Thermogroup has developed options for glued floors as well, the best ones being the Econoscreed or Econospeed. The Flooring Group is a proud retailer of their top products keeping in close contact with the manufacturer and can provide the best underfloor heating system for every need or purpose.

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