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Must Things To Know About Underfloor Heating

The huge advantages of underfloor heating have been discussed numerous times. The Flooring Group has even created a separate article drawing the comparison between it and the rest of the heating options.

Yet, there are a lot of issues to address when choosing the heating method.

What systems are available in UK?
There are two main types of underfloor heating: electric (also called ‘dry’), and a system run on water ( described as ‘wet’).

Why opt for dry underfloor heating?
This heating system is powered by electricity and does not require a boiler. Also, once the system is laid, there are no further service and maintenance costs to consider. Other factors that make this choice perfect for renovations is that it does not rely on the rest of the heating system. The electric underfloor heating can be installed without a need for upgrading the boiler.

How is the dry underfloor heating installed?
With some care, it can be laid by anyone with a little DIY experience. Only the way the heating system is connected to the electricity supply need a specialist as an experienced electrician to be carried out.

Why install wet underfloor heating?
In general, the wet underfloor heating is best suited to new builds or completely new extensions. It needs to be embedded into the floor and always requires floor heights to be adjusted.

Can underfloor heating be installed under a carpet?
A research done by The Carpet Foundation and The Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association proved that majority of carpet types are usable over underfloor heating systems and this does not weaken the performance of the system.

Can it be installed under tiles, wood, laminate or vinyl floors?
The underfloor heating system is a perfect choice for all mentioned flooring types. The major thing to consider is the insulation that must always be present and it is best to opt for a expert advice on the most effective one.

Always ask for expert advice and service
Form the choice through making sure the correct system for floor is installed, always rely on professional experts. Customers should insist on a full warranty – at least 10 years on the cables and five years for the thermostat, and always purchase from a reputable retailer.

The Flooring Group supplies a variety of underfloor heating systems so that you can choose the one that is best for you.