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Set The Bedroom Style With Flooring – Part 2

Styling the bedroom with the rest of the home tends to be a job not worth of any attention. Nonetheless, having in mind it is a room for rest, it certainly deserves more than just a little thought into its final look.

After Set The Bedroom Style With Flooring – Part 1, in this second part The Flooring Group will show you more versatile and unique ways to style the bedroom up with sophistication and general interior synchronisation.

Weathered ware
Sanded and/or painted floorboards can be used to set the scene for a French-style space. Combined with painted furniture, cool cotton and tactile linen the result will be mesmerizing. If the floor is done DIY, the preparation stage can be a little boring. But otherwise, it is worth the effort as an artfully weathered look will steal the show.

Anchor a desired scheme
A neutral rug can pull a scheme together by uniting the different pieces of furniture while simultaneously giving the room a clear centre. This is very traditional, but not old-fashioned as the rug can add an on-trend zigzag weave for example.

A colour dial
A bedroom can be all about teal. That is why one rug is a really vital focal point. Without it, the curtains, headboard, or even chair and sofa could look somewhat lost and left to float in their individual spaces. By grounding the scheme with a fresh and bold rug, a full use of the generous space is made use of.

Put personal stamp
For the quirky wit customers, a bland, wheat-coloured and wall-to-wall number is not their style. A statement rug, for example, can immediately announce the search of the unusual. Relatively creative cushions and bed frame will personalise the style.

Going from the start to the finish line is never easy. That is why The Flooring Group will ease the process with expert advice and professional services. Visit our London showrooms and choose from the variety of flooring products we offer.