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3 Stunning Flooring Design Ideas for Your Home Renovation Plans

Flooring Design Ideas

Your floors require some serious attention. Floors are the next frontier when it comes to home renovations. Gone are the days of focusing on wall colour and furniture placement because floors can be as big as a statement.

The best is that you have so many options to make your floors stand out. So whether you have a bold, eclectic style or prefer a toned-down modern look, there is a flooring design that’s perfect for your home.

Ready to start the transformation? Check out these three stunning flooring design ideas that will make your home stand out.

1. Add Color with Tiles

Who says that floors have to be in a neutral colour scheme? You don’t have to choose from a collection of browns, tans, and whites when picking out your flooring materials. There’s a whole world of colour available to you.

Add something different to your design with colourful floor tiles for a bold floor renovation. Colourful tiles look especially great in the kitchen and bathroom. But try adding them to a laundry room, foyer, or hallway as well.

You can go with a lot of colours with classic Spanish floor tiles. Or try something more contemporary with geometric designs. Choose a solid colour tile flooring if you’re looking for a sleeker option.

2. Mix it Up with a Pattern

Don’t want to commit to a bold colour scheme but don’t want a standard floor? That’s where patterned flooring can come in. You have options from tile to hardwood.

It’s true that patterned or geometric flooring can be colourful, but you can choose a neutral colour scheme if that better fits your interior style or room aesthetic.

With tile flooring, try geometric or patterned options. Or, if you want more natural textures, you can use hardwood floors. Instead of laying them in a traditional pattern, try a herringbone, chevron, or parquet pattern.

3. Try a Natural Stone

If you want to add some texture to your flooring, you might want to try natural stone. There are many types of flooring options for natural stone to choose from; each gives off its own style and fits well with a home aesthetic.

Some of the most common materials are granite, travertine, and marble. All three of these materials are available in a wide variety of colours. But neutrals like white, grey, black, brown, and beige are most common.

Contemporary options like slate, sandstone, and concrete floors are great if you’re looking for a sleek option for your home.

Transform and Inspire with Unique Flooring Design

For so long, accent walls and accent furniture got all of the attention of home renovations. While those trends will never completely disappear, now it’s time for accent flooring to shine.

When you add a unique flooring design to your space, you add something unexpected. These floors will make your home seem custom-designed for your taste. And the best part is that it doesn’t take much more effort.

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