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Crucial Trading

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The Flooring Group are proud exhibitors of Crucial Trading, who provide customers with an extensive range of luxury carpets including wool, sisal, seagrass, coir, jute and other high-quality carpet material. Crucial Trading can even provide high-quality rugs that turn their broadloom carpet range into a variety of stylish offerings where the imagination can really enjoy itself. Several whipping and binding options are available to complete any Crucial Trading rug. Their broadloom carpets and bespoke rugs are created by their talented...

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Xylo Flooring Products

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The Flooring Group is delighted to be able to offer all Xylo Flooring products to our customers. Offering a wide variety of wood, laminate and vinyl products, alongside the relevant profiles and accessories, Xylo Flooring is a high-quality provider of flooring with products to meet every need and budget. Located in Islington, London, they provide flooring nationwide and The Flooring Group is one of their trusted suppliers. They have been distributing wood flooring since their inception in 1999. Most Xylo products have a lifetime guarantee...

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Coram – Better Chances For Children

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‎Coram - the charity organisation has been helping children since 1739. The Flooring Group is totally committed to their cause and we have been acknowledged this year with a lovely card and wishes for the Holidays. Coram offers daily direct and practical help to vulnerable children, other young people, and emotional support to them and their families. The organisation tries to create a safer and more natural way for everyone to enjoy life to the fullest. There are numerous groundbreaking therapies that have broken the records of...

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Hampstead Flooring Showroom With A New Look

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The Flooring Group’s Hampstead showroom has had a makeover. We have new flooring in and it looks gorgeous. Staki wood flooring in the colour CUBA blended in perfectly in our Hamstead flooring showroom. The perfect opportunity to showcase the excellence of our partner is to have and use their product. The Hamstead team is thrilled to enjoy the advantages of easy maintenance, exceptional durability and exquisite look of this flooring option. The original company „Plankmara“ Ltd was founded in 1996, in Užusaliai village, Lithuania....

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Junckers – The Conscientious Choice

Posted by on 2:17 pm in Company News | Comments Off on Junckers – The Conscientious Choice

Junckers are Europe's leading manufacturer of solid wood flooring for the sports, residential and commercial segments and have been in the UK for over 50 years. Their hardwood floors come in a huge range to suit all tastes and the grain in the flooring has to be seen to be believed. The subtle and elegant designs and styles are a real treat for the eyes. Through their innovations, Junckers generates more energy than the business itself can consume, as a result, the surplus of the energy is used to produce CO2 neutral electricity, making...

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Woodpecker Flooring by The Flooring Group

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The Woodpecker company, the main brand of the flooring wholesaler and manufacturer Kenton Floors, knows wood. Their love for working with this material runs three generations back. Woodpecker's experts are involved in every stage of the process - from selecting through cutting, to finishing. Understanding of tree species and finishing techniques are what distinguish these professionals and their use of the latest technologies bringing virtual perfection. Specialists at the company enjoy inspecting the grain patterns, colour variants...

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New Amtico Stands For Our Showroom in Kensington

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Our new Amtico stands have been installed in Kensington Flooring showroom. They feature new designs in the Signature and Spacia ranges. Amtico designs and collections have been made in Britain, using the latest technologies and the most innovative process, giving you a guarantee of long-lasting life. Amtico Signature Collection offers an inspirational range of designs and patterns so you can turn your home into a unique space. Amtico Spacia Collection offers visual appearance with exceptional performance and skilled craftsmanship of...

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Lamett Flooring and The Flooring Group

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Lamett and the Flooring Group share the same passion for quality flooring. As the strong product goes hand in hand with a strong service, this is a foundation for a long-lasting relationship. For the last 15 years, Lamett Flooring has become one of the most important players in the wood market in Europe. From wood parquet to luxury vinyl, Lamett offers suitable flooring for any space. The Lamett range varies from low-budget floors to highly sophisticated parquet floor. It's not every day that you buy flooring. So, take no less than...

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Adam Carpets & The Flooring Group

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Back in 1869, when demand for carpeting was spreading and growing, two families - Tomkinson and Adam, joined forces in Kidderminster and began weaving first, Chenille and then Spool Axminster, however, in 1926 the Adam family left the partnership and opened up their own factory. By the end of the 1970s, tufted production took over and closed its weaving side of the business. Since then, Adam Carpets have launched different carpet products and made innovations through innovative production processes. Adam Carpets are well known for...

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The Manhattan Collection From Elements London

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Elements London promises quality and style throughout their new luxurious and modern carpet collection. The fresh Manhattan range is no different–consisting of seven luxury TEKSILK composition carpets, each design ensuring total indulgence and a super soft underfoot surface in a fabric surface that is hardwearing.   The Manhattan collection is unique in that it is produced in three distinct heights of weight and stack, named after popular landmarks like Wall Street, Broadway, Times Square, and the Big Apple. Each variation is...

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