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Technical Information

Caring For Your Rubber Floor

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 General Tips After installation sweep the floor clean Remove any excess adhesive No wet cleaning for 7 days to allow adhesive to cure All maintenance products are available at our branches –please call first to ensure adequate stock. To Strip The Floor - PRO 1 Heavy Duty Stripper Dilute with cold water – 1: 10 Apply sparingly to floor surface for 5-10 minutes – do not allow to dry out Use scourer to remove any contaminates - not too hard – may scratch floor ! Use more dilute PRO 1 as required After 5 – 10...

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Carpet And Spot Cleaning Techniques

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Regular Maintenance Regular cleaning will extend the life of a carpet and maintain its appearance. Vacuum clean regularly and thoroughly, which removes gritty dirt that can damage the fibres. Deal with spillages as soon as possible, preferably the moment they occur.   Periodic Cleaning When the carpet or rug reaches a stage where it could do with a really good clean, you can either do the job yourself, or you can call in a specialist carpet cleaning company. If you are considering cleaning the carpet or rug yourself make...

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Caring For Your Carpets

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General Tips Do not over wet into backing materials Always test any detergent on an inconspicuous area of carpet prior to treating a stain Use detergents at recommended dilution ratios Scrape up or blot up any access prior to treatment Never rub or scrub Do not use inappropriate detergents on carpets or upholstery i.e. (washing up liquid, wash powders, household bleach, disinfectants) Always work from the out side of the stain inward to avoid spreading Always apply the cleaning fluid to the absorbent spotting material not...

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Information About Underlay

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Benefits of underlay Good underlay will: improve underfoot comfort increase appearance retention, reducing flattening absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear improve thermal insulation and warmth increase sound insulation smooth out sub-floor imperfections last the lifetime of the carpet Poor or old underlay will: feel hard and unwelcoming reduce carpet life cause wrinkling and premature wear spots cause carpet fibres to break down more quickly not meet British standards Thickness of...

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Hardwood Durability

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When selecting a hardwood for your home or business, it is good to know the durability of the hardwood. A test has been devised by the Swedish engineer Brinell uses a 10mm diameter steel ball to indent the wood with force. The subsequent indentation is measured and a hardness measurement allocated to each species. The higher the value - the harder the hardwood.   [custom_table] Species Value Pine 1.6 Alder 2.1 Birch 2.6 European Maple 3.0 American...

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Colour Matching

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Carpets are produced in batches - known as creel - and usually each batch produces between 500m2 - 3000m2 in a single width, depending on the excel size. Whilst the recipe used by the dyer remains constant and is followed to the letter, in each separate production the colour reproduction will vary from batch to batch. However production is matched back to the original or master sample to ensure that the colour remains 'within a commercial tolerance'. This process if not an exact science and a commercial tolerance is subjective but...

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Carpet Types

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Tufted Carpets With advances in manufacturing technology 95% of all carpets produced today are tufted. It takes about an hour to make a roll of carpet that mighttake eight hours to weave. To make tufted carpet, hundreds of yarn-threaded needles are pushed through the primary backing fabric to form loops or tufts, which may be left as is or cut. A heavy adhesive coating is applied to hold the tufts in place and a secondary backing is usually glued on for strength and stability. A wide variety of styles and textures can then be created using...

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Caring For Your Wooden Floor

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Gravel, grit & dirt brought in on shoes is the biggest single problem and the provision of a barrier mat is will extend the life of the floor considerably. Use a vacuum cleaner regularly to remove loose material. Water soluble dirt can be removed using a sponge, mop or cloth. The floor can be wiped over occasionally with a few drops of detergent or soap powder but never use ammonia. Never mop with excess water, the film of water left should be dry within a minute. Ensure that in the areas where the wood is installed the rooms are...

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